Trim Carpentry & Molding

At FP Property Repairs, Inc., we are focused on providing the best value when it comes to Trim Carpentry and Molding installations.

Interior trim is the icing on the cake of any room. Trim merges architectural design with practical functionality – it adds both durability and beauty to our homes. But to many, interior trim is so ubiquitous that we hardly give it a second thought. If you’re remodeling part of your home, talk to us about interior trim and how it can complement and complete your aesthetic vision.

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Our trim carpentry & molding services include the following:

  • Crown Molding

    • Crown Molding is one of the most intricate and challenging cuts there is in carpentry, lets us show you our skills.
  • Chair Rail

    • Chair Rail is a simple yet profound statement in your home that dresses your walls.
  • Wood Cornices

    • Wood Cornices are the finanl touch to your drapes, windows and doors, adding the ellegance you want.
  • Decorative Colomns

    • Arches and hallways have never looked better than being accented with the perfect magnifier, Decorative Colomns.
  • Tray Ceilings

    • Is the answer to framing your ceilings, giving the perfect accent and added posibilities.
  • Door Casings

    • Hallways and entrances no longer look naked or abandoned. Wall edges will be protected and enhanced.
  • Framing & Baseboard

    • Baseboard will give a bold look to any room and framing your walls the unique touch they were missing.
  • Front Door Headers

    • Your front door looks good outside, make it look great inside too. Show your front door potential.